Hansah Activewear & Accessories

Hansah activewear & accessories draw you to them and make you want to wear or use them. Every item of clothing is made of the highest grade fabric which results in it feeling like silk on your skin but at the same time the fabric is durable, long lasting and sufficiently supportive for the most challenging movements and activities. 

The concept behind Hansah Yoga Mats was to design a mat so attractive you can leave it on the floor to flatter your room and make your practice more accessible. Being able to “jump on the mat” anytime even for 5 minutes makes a huge difference to your day. 

Sustainability & ethical standards are key in the design & production of Hansah products. The organisation & partners use the Higg Index set of tools to measure social & environmental impact. You can read more about Hansah Life on the brands website. 

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