Ab Wheel


•  Increase strength and core stability
•  Reduce your potential for back pain
•  Improve coordination and mobility
•  Helps sculpt and tone abdominals
•  Suitable for beginners and advanced


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Make Your Abs Work Really Hard!

Whether it is for sport, the perfect six-pack, or increased daily performance in your active lifestyle, the Ab Wheel is the perfect choice for toning abs, building muscle and burning fat.The Ab Wheel gives you one of the best core and upper body sculpting and toning exercises you can get. It not only targets your abs but also shoulders, arms and back for a strength building workout. The product adjusts to your fitness level as you progress.

Go slow and steady as you build your stamina, stability and endurance. The handles are foam cushioned to provide a more secure grip for your safety and comfort, prolonging your work out session to yield better results!

As it is so compact, storage is easy and can fit into a home gym of any size! Our new range of exercise equipment is here to complement your passion to a healthier you.

If you love taking on a challenge and upping the ante, why not try the Ab Wheel Pro? It has a single wheel to work your core even harder than ever before! With straps on either sides, you can alternate working your lower body as well.

Build Your Own Gym at Home!

Now, more than ever, your health is of utmost important! Build your stamina and endurance, as well as overall health, in the comforts of your home! A home gym does not need to be huge. Our range of home gym equipment is carefully selected to suit homes (and budget!) of any size. Begin with smaller items that help you work selected problem areas and slowly, build from there.

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