Ankle Weights


  • Comes in a pair ( 2 pieces )
  • Increase exercise resistance and workout versatility
  • Tone overall body
  • Boost endurance
  • Strengthening non-leg muscles
  • Velcro closures allow a snug fit
  • Great for all ages and fitness levels
  • Adjustable straps
  • Portable and easy to store – perfect for home use

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Strap Them On!

Ankle weights are the ultimate tool that helps create lean, toned legs and lifted hips. With the help of the added weight, you can activate your muscles to become more worked up without bulking or breaking down. These weighted bands designed to be worn around your ankles – specifically at the lower shin – naturally adds resistance to your training and encourages your muscles to work harder. The increase in the level of energy, in turn, helps shape and tone not only your legs but your overall body.

Another thing that you will definitely like about ankle weights is that they are very versatile in nature. What we mean is that you can get a good workout at any time of the day, even when you are not actually exercising. You can wear ankle weights while doing chores around the house or at work. You can wear them while going for a jog, while cycling, when swimming, or when you are doing weight training and resistance training too. You can wear these things at literally any time of the day to get some extra calorie burning effects, and you do not even have to be at the gym.

Easily incorporate an added boost of strength to even the simplest workouts and great for a lower-body and/or core-focused routine! With this simple exercise equipment, watch as your endurance, balance, range of motion, and even your flexibility greatly improve.

Build Your Own Gym at Home!

Now, more than ever, your health is of utmost important! Build your stamina and endurance, as well as overall health, in the comforts of your home! A home gym does not need to be huge. Our range of home gym equipment is carefully selected to suit homes (and budget!) of any size. Begin with smaller items that help you work selected problem areas and slowly, build from there.

Walk in our retail store at Kota Kinabalu Times Square in Sabah and speak to any of our team members!

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This product comes in a set of 2 (1 pair).


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