Bosu Ball


Strength & Conditioning.

  • Strengthen the core and improve balance
  • Improve postural stability
  • space-saving option for adding variety to any home gym
  • Perfect for all ages and fitness levels

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Challenge Your Core Muscles!

A bosu ball is a great addition to any home gym. Not only is it a balance aid, helping users coordinate muscles and nerves for unstable conditions that you experience in everyday life, but it also assists it a number of other types of training, such as stretching, rehabilitation, and strength training.

‘Bosu’ stand for ‘both sides up,’ because it can be used with the flat base on the floor with the dome side facing up, or as a wobble board with the dome side facing down. It serves as a more practical and useful version of the traditional stability ball.

Working out at home with  a Bosu Ball allows for greater range of motion on exercises. Increases flexibility through stretching varieties while improving static and dynamic balance and posture by intensely focusing on multiple core muscles all at once. Perform explosive movements much more easily and effectively as the unsteady surface creates an extra layer of challenge!

Build Your Own Gym at Home!

Now, more than ever, your health is of utmost important! Build your stamina and endurance, as well as overall health, in the comforts of your home! A home gym does not need to be huge. Our range of home gym equipment is carefully selected to suit homes (and budget!) of any size. Begin with smaller items that help you work selected problem areas and slowly, build from there.

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