Carabiner Clip


A Carabiner Clip is a “must have” item in your kit. Made of stainless steel you can use it to attach items such as a pointer, spool reel, dive slate to your BCD. Also, for backpacks, attach chains, ropes, camping, hiking, fishing, indoor outdoor equipment gear and DIY accessories.


  • Can be used to attach dive accessories to your BCD
  • Made of 304 stainless steel
  • Opens and closes smoothly as the spring- loaded gate makes it easy to attach important items to it.
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The Carabiner Clip is made of  quality 304 stainless steel giving it a very smooth surface. It is super easy to use, the carabiner snap link spring gate opens and closes easily and smoothly for making quick connections. This Carabiner clip features a stainless-steel construction, providing great strength and high resistance to corrosion. Since it can protect against corrosion, it makes the carabiner clip suitable to be used in salt water. Any diver can use this clip to attach their dive accessories such as pointers, wisel, underwater slate, signal buoy etc. They can easily just hook on the BCD’s D-ring which prevents them from getting lost. If strong current occurs during your dive, this clip can be used to clip onto boat line to avoid drifted away from other divers or your group.

It is also great for climbers ,hikers, campers where they can use the clip as a safety system to hold on the rope or set up equipment. Basically these clips are perfect for both indoor or outdoor equipment gear.

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