Floss Bands


High quality resistance bands you can trust.

  • Reduce swelling and inflammation in a joint
  • Strengthen targeted muscles
  • Can be particularly helpful for tennis elbow pain
  • Releasing trigger points
  • Portable and stretchable
  • Elastic construction and tear resistant
  • Easy to apply and to release
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Reduce Swelling & Strengthen Muscles with Floss Bands! 

Floss Bands are used as a performance enhancing or rehabilitation tools. “Flossing” or “blood flow restriction therapy” is the practice of using a therapeutic elastic band on extremities and joints.

The band helps make positive subjective changes to our joints and soft tissues through compression, tension and movement . All of this result in increased ranges of motion, improved recovery times, better joint centration, decrease in pain, increase in strength, and overall better movement.

The compression of the band works the sliding surfaces of the body while stimulating the muscles. It is really quite intriguing as you  improve range of motion and joint mobility in a position of restriction.

Want more of a challenge?  Try the wider and tougher Hip Bands in assorted colours and levels of resistances.

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High quality latex


208 x 5 x 1.5mm


Black, Red


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