M21 Scuba Diving Mask



  • Two-window professional diving mask.
  • Constructed with tempered lenses for clarity, durability, and greater safety.
  • Features a push-button and easy-adjust swivel buckles to allow a fast and easy adjustment on the head strap.
  • Anti-scratch
  • 100% soft silicone skirt and strap.
  • Optional mask neoprene strap from tangled hair
  • One size fits all.
  • Perfect on adult for scuba diving/snorkeling.


M21 Scuba Diving Mask is an incredibly comfortable silicone mask, with ultra-low internal volume. This mask reduces the amount of oxygen you’ll have to use equalising your mask, making it ideal for those who enjoy scuba diving or free diving. The high impact plastic frame and tempered glass lenses are extremely durable.

The silk black silicone skirt shows off the M21 mask giving it a stealth look along with a superior fit, especially for divers with narrower or smaller faces. It is also available in clear silicone that produces a very open airy feel and, actually extends field of view and this helps divers who are prone to claustrophobia as they tend to feel less boxed in wearing a clear silicone mask.

The silicone is anti-slide, so you’ll be experiencing clarity and no mask migration mid dive. Comes with a easy buckle allowing for a quick adjustment to release or tighten the mask strap.  Most suitable for adults.

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