Mares Avanti X3 Open Heel Fin


Product Features

  • Anatomical open heel foot pocket
  • Rugged, durable construction
  • Good thrust in an economical fin
  • Three channel blade for optimum thrust
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The Mares Avanti X3 is the perfect combination of comfort and power for recreational divers and snorkelers. The mid-sized blade has three channels for optimal movement. The fin blade is made of a Tecraclene blade with three channels for optimizing water flow, the center channel is inverted to make better use of the glide stroke. The upper and lower stabilizers help maximize muscle energy conversion. Tecraclene ribs in the foot pocket afford an improved fit and permit more efficient transmission of the kicking action. The straps feature the ABS Plus (Adjustable Binding System) for single-handed adjustment. The Avanti X3 uses Mares patented design ABS Plus Buckles. It only takes one quick movement to easily open or close these buckles, even when wearing thick neoprene gloves. The double button release prevents the buckles from accidentally opening making them the most user friendly system on the market. The Mares Avanti X3 is a successful marriage of comfort and power.

Avanti X3 features a soft anatomical foot pocket, and mid-sized blade with three channels for optimal movement of water during the kicking cycle. Perfect for travel to warm water locations. Upper and lower stabilizers help transfer energy from the foot pocket to the blade. Easy to kick for extended snorkeling time.

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