Mini Bands Set of 5


Comes in a set of 5 different resistance bands.

  • Suitable for all fitness levels
  • Focus on various body areas
  • Target your thighs, arms, back and abs
  • Light and compact to be taken anywhere
  • Provides improved strength, balance and mobility

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Compact & Useful Mini Bands! 

Mini Bands is a universal latex resistance band which can be used during resistance training, stretching and cross training programs. Widely used for rehabilitation of muscle injuries, such a simple exercise tool that has benefitted so many across the world. The resistance bands provides both positive and negative force on the muscles. It is available in different resistances and therefore suitable for every fitness level.

A workout with the resistance band provides improved strength, balance and mobility in the muscle groups. A set of 5 Mini Bands of different resistant levels contains enough resistance options to adjust your workouts according to your goals – all without lifting any actual weights!

Want more of a challenge?  Try the wider and tougher Hip Bands in assorted colours and levels of resistances.

Build Your Own Gym at Home!

Now, more than ever, your health is of utmost important! Build your stamina and endurance, as well as overall health, in the comforts of your home! A home gym does not need to be huge. Our range of home gym equipment is carefully selected to suit homes (and budget!) of any size. Begin with smaller items that help you work selected problem areas and slowly, build from there.

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Additional information

What You Get

A set of 5 different resistant bands.
(X-Light, Light, Medium, Heavy, X-Heavy)


High quality latex

Resistance Levels

X-Light (Green) – 500 x 50.8 x 0.3mm
Light (Blue) – 500 x 50.8 x 0.5mm
Medium (Red) – 500 x 50.8 x 0.7mm
Heavy (Black) – 500 x 50.8 x 0.9mm
X-Heavy (Yellow) – 500 x 50.8 x 1.2mm


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