Mount Kinabalu Coffee


From the highlands of Sabah, straight to your cup and feel the “aramaitica”. Aramaiti in Sabah’s native language simply means – pure enjoyment or the feel-good sensation you get to experience while drinking your Arabica Coffee.


Mount Kinabalu Coffee is planted, harvested and processed in a traditional method, same way its done since the commodity first arrived to the Sabah highlands.

Available in 3 forms: Roasted Beans, Ground Coffee and Raw Beans (Green Coffee). Each container weights 400gram and is sealed to maintain its freshness. All the products are harvested and processed immediately to ensure the bold taste of Mount Kinabalu Coffee.

The roasted beans makes for a full bodied coffee with a light crema. If you enjoy your coffee the way Sabahan does, the ground coffee is packed with aroma and taste, good to have on your moka pot, chemex or a good old French press. Green coffee claims to aid in promotion of good metabolism due to the higher level of Chlorogenic acid.


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Roasted Beans, Ground Coffee, Green Coffee


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