PADI Enriched Air Diver Digital Product


Diving with Nitrox allows you to avoid your limits, and also allows you to stay longer underwater!

Save time on your vacation!

Study the theory and watch the videos on your mobile device.



Continue the adventure – it has never been more convenient!

The PADI Enriched Air Diver Specialty eLearning course is designed to prepare you to dive with EAN. Enriched Air Nitrox  (also known as EAN, Enriched Air, on Nitrox) is a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen that has a higher percentage of oxygen and a lower percentage of nitrogen than air. Air is approximately 21% oxygen, while the most commonly used Nitrox mixture is 32% oxygen (also known as NOAA Nitrox I or EAN32). Diving with enriched air rather than standard air can extend your no decompression limits.

After you complete all the segments, print your eLearning record and bring it with you to start your underwater adventures when you complete your in-water training with us at Adventures In Borneo!

What does the Digital Product include?

  • Rescue Diver Touch
  • Rescue Diver eManual
  • Rescue Diver Video training clips
  • Digital Accident Management Work Slate/Flowchart
  • eTraining Dive Log
  • Certifying Credit (PIC)

Things to know about PADI eLearning.

  • PADI eLearning is a great way for you to save time while you are on holiday so sign up now!
  • When you register for a scuba course with us at Adventures In Borneo, you will receive a special code to access your online scuba course.
  • Convenient online access to knowledge development course material.
  • Unlimited lifetime access to an online version of the PADI Manual to your course.
  • Course must be completed within 1 year from registration date.
  • Study scuba diving at your own pace to complete knowledge assessments.
  • Minimum age is 12 years old to sign up for the eLearning course.
  • Do not forget to book your dive course with us after signing up for the eLearning!


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