Pilates Ring



  • Pilates Ring
  • Two non-slip padded handles.
  • Perfects your Pilates positioning.
  • Tone, sculpt and strengthen muscles.
  • Lightweight and flexible.

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Pilates Ring is designed to add resistance to your moves, increasing the burn and building lean muscle. They small, tension-packed rings that you can grip with your hands or squeeze between your thighs to complete a range of different resistance exercises. By pressing the ring, you work against the resistance.

The stable and anatomically shaped hand grips give you the necessary support. Its very light and compact which makes it suitable for beginners and advanced users, at home, for pilates, yoga and professional sport, for rehabilitation, therapeutic purposes, stabilization exercise, in the gymnastics etc. Since Pilates ring tend to be small and lightweight, they’re an easy piece of fitness equipment to add to your routine and to carry with you when travelling.

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