Power Sandbag


If you’re looking for a challenging workout that will build strength and conditioning then the Power Sandbag is a great tool. Plus, weight-for-weight the power sandbag is an incredibly tough training tool to work with. Most people report that they can lift around 40-50% less in a power sandbag than they could on a barbell.

Power Sandbag Specification

  • Perfect fitness tool.
  • Adjust joint flexibility.
  • Fine workmanship, firm, durable to use.
  • It is best choice for toning and strength training.
  • Effective to improve strength, stability and endurance.
  • Suitable for squats, dead lifts, forward lunges, bicep curls and more.

Note: Colours may differ slightly from the images shown.


This Power Sandbag can add variety and intensity to your training program.

Exercises using the Power Sandbag help develop the torso, providing a stable base for mobility and sport whilst also engaging the legs. With a range of weighted bags color-coded for easy identification, it is easy to vary the intensity of your training, with the padded webbing handles making for easy gripping.

The Power Sandbag can be used anywhere to engage all types of functional movement in your training, specifically focussing on strength, power, core stability and rotational movements.

Filled with sand, using the bag requires constant balance to hold it stable, consistently working multiple muscles and creating an element of unpredictability during the exercise.

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5kg, 10kg, 15kg


High density PU foam, Sand