Reef Finder


The world’s first comprehensive field guide that you can actually take underwater.
With the Reef Finder you can identify anything by choosing what it looks like!

Product Features

  • Waterproof, take with you on dives
  • Answers the most common question a new diver asks: “What is that thing?” …while you are diving
  • Visual Index for easy to understand shapes, textures or concepts
  • Searchable dive slate for everything

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What is it?
The world’s first searchable field guide that you can take underwater.
What does it do?
It answers the fundamental question: “What kind of thing is that?” …while you are diving.
How does it work?
By searching a Visual Index for easy to understand shapes (e.g. fingers, spines, spirals), textures or concepts (e.g. holes, tentacles). You can even search by “sediments”.
Who is it for?
Everyone! – recreational divers, dive instructors, dive boats and businesses, snorkelers, reef walkers, students, naturalists, scientists.
Why should I buy it?
It’s a smart, interactive, searchable dive slate that identifies anything at a fantastic price! There is nothing else like it.