S07 Scuba Snorkel

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  • Silicone Snorkel
  • Flexible corrugated hose for comfotability
  • Easy breathing with purge valve on bottom
  • Semi dry top with anti splash guard

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Comfortable, Convenient and Affordable

S07 scuba snorkel Featuring an upper splashguard to keep water out. The lower flex corrugated hose are soft and flexible where it drops conveniently from the mouth to user. This allows the dry snorkel to have more of a natural curve around the face which makes it easier to keep in diver’s mouth or when switch to their regulators before or after ascending. Even for snorkeler it keep the snorkel in the comfortable position.

It built with an easy purge valve positioned low to drained any water that enters, and a comfortable silicone mouthpiece that is exchangeable.Overall this S07 scuba snorkel is a basic and simple scuba snorkel without complicated purge valve, just blow out easily and you’ll get to enjoy the amazing underwater life. Suitable for scuba diving, snorkeling and swimming.

Great for both adult and youth.

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