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Downbelow Marine & Wildlife Adventures offers fellow scuba divers top quality Scuba Tank Maintenance and Servicing.  Our Scuba Tank Maintenance and Service Centre in Kota Kinabalu city, comprises of a knowledgable and well-trained staff team that are dedicated in ensuring the best for your Scuba Cylinder.

Service Includes 

  • Hydrostatic Test
  • Tumble Clean
  • Valve Service & Clean
  • Failed Cylinders
  • Internal Brush & Wash

All cylinder tests include FREE valve inspection and FREE airfill. Express service available, please contact us for appointments.

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Being one of the most important pieces of scuba gear, failure to care for your scuba cylinder can lead to potentially deadly consequences. Here, the Downbelow Scuba Tank Maintenance & Service Centre is ever ready to offer you top notch maintenance and servicing in Kota Kinabalu city, Sabah. A well maintained scuba diving tank can last you up to 20 years!

After a dive, be sure to always rinse your scuba tanks in fresh water, paying special attention to the valves to remove any dirt, sand and salt crystals which may be deter the operation of the valves. Inspect the scuba cylinder for pitting, corrosion, dents, scrapes, cracks or any other signs damage. Ensure that the tank valve is easy to turn. If there is any difficulty on turning the valve, do not force or try to lubricate it. Please have it serviced at our dive store.

Getting your scuba diving tank inspected

Most scuba diving tanks can rust and corrode, the inside has to be visually inspected by a qualified service center at least once a year. An annual visual inspection is recommended, but if a scuba cylinder is used frequently in warm and humid climates (like ours in Borneo), the inspections should be performed more frequently -about every 3 to 6 months is recommended.

With our team of PADI Professionals specially trained to inspect, maintain and service your scuba diving tank, rest assured all of your dive equipment is always in tip top condition.

Contact Us

For enquiries or if you wish to speak with us, you may contact us at +6012 866 1935 or email us at We are strategically located in Kota Kinabalu City Centre at KK Times Square. To visit our Scuba Tank Maintenance & Service Centre in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah at Downbelow Dive Shop, click here.

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Hydro Test, Tumble Clean, Failed Cylinder, Valve Service


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