Seac Italia Mirrored Mask


The Seac Italia Mirrored Mask is designed to fit perfectly a narrower facial structure.


  • Model: dual-lens with wide field of vision
  • Frame: polycarbonate with chrome-plated metal screw seats and stainless steel screws
  • Skirt: soft silicone in differentiated thicknesses, with broad textured surfaces.
  • Strap: Liquid silicone
  • LS Version: tempered glass lenses with special mirrored treatment (increases contrast and visibility) and metal effect frame (special scratch-resistant)
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The Seac Italia Mirrored Mask is designed for divers with narrower faces. The edge of the mask is made of strong and durable polycarbonate with a metal buckle and easy mounting screws. The Seac Italia Mirrored Mask has textured panels around the nose-pocket and lower cheek edges on its soft, bi-thickness silicone skirt, designed to enhance grip when equalising air spaces.

The skirt is made of liquid silicone that fits very well on your face. The lenses are made of Ultracare glass with a mirror finish. It has a strap with three stripe grips that comfortably adapt to the positions you need. However, the silicone strap on all masks sometimes get our hair easily tangled during water activities. To prevent from getting all tangled up, you can cover the silicone with a neoprene mask protector for extra comfort. They are a cheap yet an important accessory.

Perfect for recreational diving, free diving and snorkeling.

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