SeacSub 3.5mm High Cut Booties


Product Features

  • Excellent to wear with open heel fins
  • Comfortable and durable boots
  • Optimum water seal design
  • Provides protection and warmth for your feet


The SeacSub 3.5mm High Cut Booties is the product of SeacSub, a leading company in the diving world that combines design, innovation and technology with respect for tradition and all things Italian.

The SeacSub 3.5mm High Cut Booties is a durable and convenient boot that is best to use with open heel fins as the rubber sole raises up on the heel which provides a great platform for keeping the fin from sliding down off the back of your heel. The semi-rigid rubber sole along with the stretch neoprene provide an excellent and flexible boot which is perfect for reducing foot fatigue when scuba diving, while still offering that much needed protection for getting to and from the water. The flexibility also makes these the SeacSub 3.5mm High Cut Booties perfect for water sports activities as you can grip the pedals of a jet ski, grip a surf board and much more with ease.

A leader in the diving industry, SeacSub incorporates design, innovation and technology in all their products with respect for tradition and all things Italian.
SeacSub consistently strives for improvement through its staff of professionals, engineers and designers, which in the Italian Headquarters designs, improves and perfects the smallest of details with the help of cutting edge technological tools.


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