Titanium BC Knife with Holder

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The titanium BC knife with holder can attach to your BCD or fit into BCD pocket. With its titanium blade making it super light knife and rust proof.


  • Model: BC-318
  • Material: α+β Titanium Alloy
  • Hardness: HRC 35
  • Blade: 3″
  • Handle: 3.75″
  • Length over: 6.75″
  • Strength (LBS/INCH) /INCH): 150,000
  • Abrasion Resistance: 3 – 4 Times better
  • Hardness HRc (Rockwell Scale): HRc 34 – 38
  • Excellent Corrosion Resistance


The Titanium BC Knife with Holder is designed for scuba diving, but also great for fishing. It is compact in size and comes with a single hand release sheath. You can just attach to your BCD making it easy to access.

The Titanium BC Knife with Holder is almost completely rust proof and corrosion resistant since it has no carbon to oxidise with the salt in sea water. This quality of material is however slightly more expensive than steel alternatives because it lasts much longer so in the long term you do save money on having ti purchase replacements. It requires minimum maintenance and is highly durable due to its flexibility. For those divers that engage in conservation or debris cleaning underwater you definitely need this knife.

The top of the knife is a blunt type and this is great for prying, digging, hacking, and chiseling. With a blunt tip, you can worry less about accidents—puncturing air hoses, your wetsuit, or other divers. It’s a safety-first type of blade to own. For scuba divers occasionally use to cut entangling fishing line.

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