TPE Balance Pad


  • Improve stability, balance and co-ordination
  • Strengthens core muscles and fine tunes motor skills
  • Engages stabilising muscles to aid with equilibrium
  • Improves posture and related back pain
  • Non-slip surface, easy clean, water resistant
  • Can be used to increase difficulty of any basic exercise
  • Perfect for all ages and fitness levels 

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Hone Your Coordination & Stability Skills!

Find your optimal balance with the help of this handy TPE Balance Pad! The pad is designed to train and engage stabilising muscles to assist in improving stability, balance, co-ordination and muscle reaction time. In addition, the pad can be used as a sitting aid to help improve posture and core abdominal muscle strength.

The simple yet effective and lightweight design makes the TPE Balance Pad portable and easy to use at home. Designed for stability balance and reaction training as part of a fitness and exercise program, this simple gym equipment has a textured and sweat-proof surface that provides additional grip, prevents slipping or sliding even in sweaty workouts. The perfect companion to your existing fitness regime to help hone your balance, coordination and stability skills whilst exercising.

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40 x 35 x 6cm


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