Underwater Kinetics Light Cannon 100 HID Dive Light

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High Intensity Discharge (HID) illumination technology allows the Light Cannon 100 dive light to emit three times more light per watt of battery power than standard xenon or halogen lamps. As a result it shines farther and produces a brilliantly white beam of light. Beam adapters included for video lighting.

Product Features

  • 12.5 watt HID bulb / 450 lumens, 3-4 hrs burn time
  • Colour temperature 6000 degrees kelvin
  • Lamp life: 1,000 hours
  • 40 degree video wide angle filters included


The Light Cannon 100 is based on HID technology. HID stands for High Intensity Discharge, and the most common example would be those brilliant blue-white headlights showing up on expensive cars like those made by BMW and Mercedes. Instead of a hot metal filament or a glowing block of chemicals on a stick, HID lights create light using a tiny ball of superheated, electrically-charged plasma inside a small quartz bulb. The result is light that is brighter and whiter than incandescent, and with more spectral content than LEDs.
•First affordable HID light for divers and the most powerful light for its size
•3X more efficient than standard lights, the Light Cannon is like taking the sun underwater
•HID lamp gives a giant leap in brightness with no increase battery usage
•High color temperature gives the beam the same color as sunlight
•Up to 1000 hour lamp life

This product has a limited lifetime warranty.
See Underwater Kinetics warranty information here.
For Underwater Kinetics repairs, please visit their dealer locator page.
Underwater Kinetics Light Cannon 100 HID Dive Light, Batteries, Wrist Lanyard and Owner’s Manual


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