Wave Dry Top Snorkel


Wave Dry Top Snorkel designed a valve that eliminates water entry so you can enjoy easy breathing when snorkeling or free diving.Easy adjustable mask holder and soft silicone mouthpiece provides comfortable fitting.


  • Dry top snorkel for beginner& professional
  • PVC or Silicone mouthpiece
  • Silicone purge valve fo easy water clearance
  • Adjustable mask-holder
  • Keeps the tube from water entered
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Wave Dry Top Snorkel designed with purge valve on the bottom to allow easy clearing & draining of the snorkel. Convenient clip holder on the side of the snorkel to attach the mask. Just a perfect for snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming and free diving.  With its affordable cost makes it suitable for dive schools too for teaching purposes and rental. This excellence wave dry top snorkel can fit on any brand of scuba mask.

The benefit for snorkelers is with less water in the tube and having to clear your snorkel less, your time in the water and actually exploring beneath the surface will be much better and longer. You’ll be able to swim for as long as you can endure it without having to surface, adjust, clear, or choke on sea water. This also saves energy as the snorkeling and swimming will be more even-flowed and less choppy.

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