Wave Scuba Snorkel Fullfin


Affordable and good quality full fin that suit for both Scuba diving and snorkeling. Lightweight and easy to travel without any hassle.


  • Hard thermoplastic rubber foot pocket with dual material density
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Material:TPR/PP blade for strength and power when finning
  • Very lightweight easy to travel
  • Rubber non-slip Bottom which increase grip and prevent falls
  • Multi-Functional


Wave Scuba Snorkel Fullfin is built to be durable and lightweight which makes it easy to carry around when you are traveling without any hassle. Designed for Adults and youths. Anyone can own this comfortable fin at an affordable cost. This fin is often worn barefoot but can also be worn with a thin lycra or neoprene sock for additional comfort and protection.

The fin’s blade are made from soft and flexible polypropylene that makes the fin light and streamlined. This means its strong and powerful when hitting water. As for the foot pocket they are made in soft thermo-rubber material that provides comfortable and softness with a heel pull tab to make donning and offing easy. It is wear resistant rubber that prevents you from falling down when walking on wet floor.

Wave Scuba Snorkel fullfin is highly recommended for scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming even good for dive centres for teaching diving courses. Ideal for warm tropical water and shore dive. Sizes comes in small, medium, large and extra large.

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