Wave Single Lens Mask


Designed for snorkeling and scuba diving, excellent seal on most face types. It has quick-release strap buckles. Great mask for dive schools.


  • Brand Wave
  • Mask skirt: PVC/Silicone
  • Buckle: Auto-clip buckle system
  • Affordable mid range yet fantastic quality
  • Quick adjust buckle & strap

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The Wave single lens mask is designed with a single tempered lens with a soft silicone face skirt that provides comfort to divers. Made from safe materials that are free-fitting and comfortable to wear during diving or snorkeling. Only available in black color. It is highly suitable for both professional and amateur divers and suitable for use in all depths of water, be it in your local pool or out in the open sea. Its also comes with a second skirt on the inner mask to prevent water leakage.

The buckles attach to flexible tabs on the skirt; this optimizes strap angle when dialing in fit. The wide silicone spreads the load on the back of the head, greatly enhancing comfort. Priced in the middle range its very affordable for such great quality. This wave single lens mask is  not designed for kids.

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