Wave Snorkel


The Wave snorkel has a streamlined oval shaped bored tube and lower flex tube that makes this snorkel great for scuba diving, snorkeling and free diving.


  • Silicone flexible mouthpiece
  • Silicone purge and PC flexible dry top
  • Easy purge system – one way valve to clear out excessive water and breath easy

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Wave snorkel is designed with a classic / flexible top,water easily entered to snorkel’s tube when you submerge into underwater. However, you are still able to keep it clean with the purge system that is a one way valve on the bottom of the snorkel. You can clear out the excessive water in the tube for easy breathing. The lower section flex tube automatically swings out of the way when you are using your regulator.

It is suitable for scuba diving, free diving and snorkeling. With an easy adjustable mask holder you just press the clip and slip in the silicone strap for secure lock. This way you do not need to adjust it on your next dive trip, just clip it and you ready to dive. Designed for adults and youths.

Comes in black color only.

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